Who knew that we would still be talking about this game, in 2019. Minecraft is a sandbox game that was created by Mojang, which was bought by Microsoft in 2014. In Minecraft, the possibilities really are endless! You can build a tree house, or a castle, or even a simple ordinary house! You can explore caves, and swim in the oceans to find burred treasure. You can explore dimensions such as the Nether, or even fight and kill a dragon! As stated before, the possibilities in Minecraft are endless, and they are in your hands! Minecraft is a game that started to fade a few years ago, and has recently started to make a big come back! Expect to hear updates and cool posts from such a fantastic nostalgic game!

Fortnite – The game of the Year

Well I am sure that you guy’s saw this coming. How could you have a gaming blog and not bring up fortnite! It is free to play and can be downloaded on just about any platform; PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, PC, even mobile! And it is cross platform so you can play with all of your friends! Fortnite is a massive battle royale game that consists of 100 player lobbies. Basically, it is last man standing wins. You kill or be killed, well sometimes. Every week there are new events and challenges for players to keep busy, and never get bored of playing! The game offers multiple different game modes from Solos, and even offer Duos and Squads if you are wanting to play with friends! Fortnite is free to try out, so why not! And get with the day and age Microsoft! Fortnite is the correct way to spell it and is NOT a typo!


Welcome to Pittsburgh Gaming Co! A blog dedicated to anything gaming! Here at Pittsburgh Gaming Co we think it is important to stay updated on today’s gaming world! There have been many arguments whether or not gaming is even good for the children of today. But here at Pittsburgh Gaming Co we do not want to make that an argument! We need to embrace that gaming is apart of our world, and use it to come together. Not only do we strive to bring you gaming news, we enjoy to do it right from the greatest city in the world!

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